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As an organisation or an individual...........

  • Is there a need to make a shift from a strong but narrow technical project management practice to a broader, more business-oriented approach?

  • Do you or your project managers need an inspirational and motivational boost?

  • Are you using a technical or classical approach to manage non-technical projects?

  • Have you realised that projects are more about people and culture than about process and technology but are not certain about how to create a balance between all four?

  • Has an attempt to create an effective Project Office come to a standstill?

  • Do you need to consider how project management topics such as value or benefits realisation, risk management, programme management, and business-focused project management can benefit your organisation?

Internationally renowned project management consultant, lecturer, speaker, and author Dennis Comninos has helped many organisations world-wide to address the above.

Find out more about Dennis here or contact him today to find out how he can assist.

If you are a training institution and wish to contract Dennis to present his courses to broaden your own offerings then find out more here.

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